Monday, 5 December 2016

Reindeer Success

First off, a big thank you! to everyone who ordered a reindeer (or 5!) from us this week. We cannot thank you enough!

Last week, we put out this post on Facebook and spread the word amongst our friends...

Within an hour we had over ten orders. We were already celebrating the money that would be raising for Mexico. We decided to order a batch of 30 of the pre-cut reindeer bases and hoped that we'd manage to sell them all over the week.
Then the unexpected happened. Within 48 hours we'd had a total over 100 of reindeers ordered through family, friends and Facebook. We were in shock! Frantically ordering more reindeer bases to be delivered by the weekend, we watched as the order numbers continued to rise.

110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160!!

We closed orders late last week. So, I'm afraid if you're reading this now and haven't already ordered, you're too late. But don't be sad for long! It's Christmas time! :D and if ever we re-open orders, we'll be sure to let you know.

Our reindeer workshop was fully under way this weekend, with four of our team making the reindeer up and the other 4 delivering the goods out over the course of this week.

We've made and packaged 94 reindeers ready for delivery, and the rest will be made once more reindeer bases arrive in the post!

Thank you again for all of your support! And thank you for your patience whilst we continue making these cute Christmas decs.

P.S. If you're free this Saturday (10th December) and fancy a fun evening out, the warehouse is the place to be for our charity bingo night! :D *see poster for details*

Much love, 

Team Furnace!

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